Strategic – Innovative – Solutions

Is your school thriving or surviving?

Are you making transformative changes to your school or incremental ones? Is your school meeting all of the required accountability goals? You became an educator to change the world, to influence young lives far into the future. So why are you spending so much time on other matters? It’s not exactly what you dreamed of upon entering the profession. You want to develop relationships with students, teachers, parents and stakeholders to create a thriving educational community. You need to get back into the halls and classrooms more and have direct influence. It is imperative that you become the instructional leader if your school is going to excel. Your school desperately needs that visionary leader that takes the school to success beyond expectations, but it’s difficult to effectively lead from behind a desk. Stop devoting your time, talents, and energy on matters that are not your core competency as a school. Alterra’s services apply time tested business tools and innovative models to school operations so school leaders can focus on student instruction, learning and development. Implemented in your school these models and tools will create a more efficient, effective and productive staff and smoother operations.

Now you can focus on the strategic and visionary aspects of leading your school to greatness. With refocused time and energy your school will soon experience the momentum associated with improving academic achievement, attracting more dedicated students, having more involved parents, more talented staff and more community support.