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Alterra Solutions - Testimonials

A valuable asset to any organization…able to solve practically any school administration problem.”
Philip Hibbert Head Counselor
…was an integral force in increased production for the Evaluation and Research unit. His contributions helped the team quadruple annual production in two years!
Dr. Janeen Demi-Smith Executive Director at Colorado Springs School District 11
Provided valuable leadership in the direction and focus of the school as a whole and helped cultivate a positive culture and climate for our building.
David Bakalyan Principal
Stabilizing force for our children and our school in the face of otherwise uncertain changes that visited the school…an invaluable asset.
Angela Parlet, Stacey Touch, Jackie Robertson PTA Executive Board
…work ethic is admirable. His dedication to excellence impeccable.
Julie Sheppard Teacher
…passion for teaming to create a win win situation. His professionalism, knowledge and skill sets will be an asset to your work site.
Theresa Newsom Assistant Principal
…continually impressed by his ability to handle difficult if not out right challenging situations.
Joe Furllong Teacher